Comm/IFB Box


The COMM/IFB Box was designed and built to provide solutions to many common on set communication problems. It allows a sound mixer to use equipment that he or she would typically carry on a job, to do a variety of more sophisticated communications and audio support tasks.

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Roll Controller


If you hate having to operate a bell and light system and control all of your recorders every time the director calls "roll" or "cut" then you need a  Roll Controller.  Simple two button operation takes care of it all. Check it out! 

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B-TAC Technical Utility Cart


 The B-TAC Technical Utility Cart has been designed and refined over the past 5 years to accommodate the movement of the most sensitive and expensive equipment used to support the demanding technical and logistical aspects of the production environment safely and securely. 

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Camera Interface System


Send audio, timecode, intercom and power to, and return and distribute video and audio confidence monitor from four cameras. This is just one example of our custom interface capabilities. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

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