Production/Post Production


West End Recording excels in providing the right solution for all types of production audio projects. We have the tools and talent to take your project from conception through to completion with the same care as you would if doing it yourself.  

Rates and Equipment



Our studio provides a comfortable working environment for our clients to achieve the highest quality outcome that current technology can provide without the pressure and expense of most larger recording facilities.  

Rates and Equipment



What do you want to build? If it has anything to do with audio or electronic equipment give us a call to see if we can help. We've done everything from equipment design, system specification and installation, to custom cable assembly. 

Production / Post Production

Location Sound


We always select the appropriate tools to accommodate any type of location sound recording project. From two wireless mics in a bag for documentaries, to a twelve input mixer and multiple wireless mics for a corporate project, to a fully loaded audio cart for narrative or commercial productions, we've got you covered.

Sound Supervision


If you have a project that requires a large amount of gear or an equally large staff of audio professionals, look no further than West End Recording. We regularly assemble some of the best audio guys in the Midwest if not the country, and have all of the privately owned and properly maintained gear necessary to get the job done correctly and within budget. 

Post Production / Sweetening


When you're ready to complete your project let us put the finishing touches on it for you. Using some of the best digital mixing and editing platforms including Pro Tools 12.8, we have all your post production needs covered. Mix to picture, ADR, SFX, and track clean-up are just a few of the services we can provide. We're particularly proud of our iZotope R7 and Magix Spectralayers noise reduction and spectral analysis plugin packages.

Equipment Rental


If we've got it and you need it it's yours......

for a fair price of course and you promise to bring it back on time!

And Don't Forget Travel


Just because we're Chicago based doesn't mean we're afraid to travel anywhere the job takes us!


Music Recording / Mixing


We approach all of our music recording projects with the same level of enthusiasm, whether it's a CD release, a soundtrack, a commercial or a demo reel. We love seeing our clients reactions when they realize that we've captured the sound they wanted. And while we employ some of the newest digital technology, we still have plenty of old fashioned analog gear available to help us create your individual sound.  

5.1 Surround Mixing


Our control room is fully 5.1 compatible. Using only Genelec self-powered speakers we can insure that your 5.1 mixes will translate accurately to any format you choose.

Sound Design


Do you need any additional sound elements to augment your productions? We have an extensive sound effects library as well as online access to many virtual sound effects libraries. Let us help with your sound effects, foley, and ADR. We've taken on projects as complicated as 3D animated theme park ride simulations where not one sound existed in real life, to simply adding the sound of footsteps to a suspenseful scene in an independent feature film. 

Voice-Over Recording


What good is all of the work you did on your video project if your voice-over was recorded on an iPhone? We have a large collection of microphones that we'll match to you voice-over talents' voice so they can deliver your message clearly and confidently. Oh, you haven't cast your voice-over talent yet! Let us help, we've worked with some of Chicago's best and we'd be more than happy to guide you through the selection process.


Audio Equipment Design


If you take a look at our Products page you'll see that we have all of the capabilities necessary to develop a product from concept, through prototyping, to completed manufacturing drawings. We use numerous software development tools like AutoCAD for package design, Eagle for PCB design and numerous simulation software tools to test and verify all of our designs. We also have all of the test equipment necessary to confirm that our products meet all of the design criteria set forth in the spec. sheet.

System Specification


If you're in need of an installed sound system, personal recording studio, or even a small V.O. booth and don't know how to communicate the scope of your requirements to management or need help in justifying the expense to the board of directors we'd be happy to do it for you, We'll work with you to develop a system requirements document and write a full system spec. that can go out for bid. Heck we'll even present the proposal to the board for you!........ They don't scare us.



If you want it installed properly we can get it done. We've done complete system and component installations in a number of recording studios, sound stages and personal recording environments. We specialize in mid sized installations and have a keen understanding of the grounding requirements ford these types of audio systems, resulting in a ground loop free, buzz and hum free solution.

Custom Cable Assembly


We've always felt that commercially made cables left something to be desired when it comes to quality. So we make our own and have been doing so for the last 20+ years. We use only the finest wire and cables from manufacturers like Canare, Mogami, and Belden, and connectors from Neutrik, Switchcraft, Hirose, Lemo, Canare, and Amphenol. Plus we warranty our cables for life, if it fails for any reason other than abuse, send it back to us and we'll fix it for free!