Driver vs Driver - Television Series

One of our most recent projects, Driver vs Driver is an example of how good productions run. While complex, the synergy between the producers, client and crew was remarkable and made this show a pleasure to work on. GREAT CREW!!!!

CA Technologies - Commercial

This commercial was shot outside in the late summer and we were plagued by the dreaded cicadas. But have no fear, we employed our trusty Cedar DNS-2 noise reduction unit to the production tracks and they came out great. No ADR here folks!

Prudential - Commercial

100 degrees, 110% humidity, torrential rain for the three previous days and of course let's shoot a commercial outside by Lake Michigan. Literally every department had at least one serious failure but we all prevailed and produced this beautiful spot.

Hyundai / NFL - Commercial

We had fun doing this. Two way audio from the car, fully wired follow van for the actual test drive, commentator IFB and audio, and don't forget the PA system. We made it all happen and it turned out great.

End of the Line - Documentary

This is the compelling story about the stand off between Native Americans and big oil at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

CBS Sports (Courage in Sports: Jerry Cahill) - Documentary

Jerry has cystic fibrosis and he has beaten the odds! It's a captivating story about how commitment and determination can overcome even the most dire circumstances.

CBS Sports (Courage in Sports: Marathon Survivors) - Documentary

This is one of the many reasons I love my job. Not sure if there's any other work that allows you to get this close to true greatness!

Curse of the Pharaoh - Sound Design

What do you do when your client is developing a theme park ride and has a computer generated simulation that needs to sound like you're in the actual ride.